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It's Tuscany: the MPL Italia web site devote to Tuscany

Professionals to the service of territory enterprises

The run of It's Tuscany continue on a roll. The territorial marketing project, launched by MPL Italia, that picks up the Tuscan excellences has been online since January 2018 and it is prepared to close one year of great successes.

Over 250 firms they have entered to belong to our network, making trust on a team of professionals able to interpret the complexity of the web guaranteeing some plus that its unique services make.

Among these, a specific support thought for every entrepreneur and to his activity. From the care of the pages on the portal It's Tuscany, to an assistant service on own products and services.



Communications experts, assistance and care of the entrepreneurs to 360°

Every companies can count on a net of qualified people devoted to own demands. From the contracts, with an agent that proposes a specific consultation on the products of which MPL Italia prepares through It's Tuscany, to the communications and marketing experts able to interpret the targets and the type of showcase that it suits better him for the product.

A graphic team that produces attractive contents and one of development that improves the navigability of the portal.

A teamwork on which MPL Italia has wanted to invest since the beginning to think to a different product, only one in the world, able to follow in every aspect the entrepreneurs that operate in the world of the Tuscan craftsmanship and the communication of their activity.

A network in constant growth, with services always improved and with an expansion of the inside structure that wants to be leader of a young market, seen with increasing interest by the entrepreneurs more and more that they still believe in the values of the tradition and in the quality of the job.



More than a simple and-commerce: the unique Marketplace in the world

It's Tuscany is the interpreter of all those people that want to exploit the brand “Tuscany” to present to the whole world and to profit some power of an e-commerce voted to the territory and his peculiarities.

The firms can profit so of a service that puts in hold relationship their productions to the territory, to the ancient suburbs, to the folklore and the cultural traditions, favoring so an user experience without equal in the web market.



More and more important numbers

The MPL Italia's portal is the "web Tuscan community to taller rate of growth", visited from 217.000 unique consumers, with over 566.600 visualizations of page.

The page Facebook has reached for a long time the threshold of the 50.000 fans and the video of the channel YouTube over 240.000 viewses.

It's Tuscany is an MPL Italia’s project that looks in Tuscany and that it continues the really run of growth to the peer of that that succeeds in guaranteeing to the enterprises that have decided to do of it departs. We not by chance speak of a site web that to as soon as 10 months from the birth has produced an interaction through announcements you protect to 1 million click.